Kaspar Practice Management Discusses the Rising Costs of Private Medical Practices

Anyone who has worked in the medical industry within the last ten years cannot deny that private medical practices are suffering. Whether you ask neurologists, dermatologists or cardiologists, their answers remain the same: entities have intruded in the medical field too much. Between the Affordable Care Act and the bureaucracies of corporatized hospitals and healthcare providers, the cost of medicine has been rising, adding countless obstacles for doctors and their patients along the way.

The Historical Trends

Back in 2005—not so long ago—more than two thirds of medical practices throughout the U.S. were owned by a practicing physician; the remaining third of practices belonged within the charge of a hospital or larger medical conglomerate. In the 12 years since, the ratio has swung to an even 50-50, as thousands of practices have been forced to close their doors or surrender their ownership and autonomy. Part of the problem, according to physicians and our own experiences, has been the sheer burden of administration and paperwork.

The Operational Redtape

 When doctors and their staff spend hours upon hours filling out paperwork for billing, and equipment, and insurance, they simply can’t devote themselves wholeheartedly to the care that their patients receive. In some cases, practices go so far as to hire a chief compliance officer to ensure they are following government procedure. Guaranteeing reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid has also proved problematic—often meaning that doctors at private clinics are paid less than those working at hospitals, for the same medical services.

The Consequences for Care

With such enormous strains felt by doctors at private clinics, perhaps the best, and only logical step in this situation is for doctors to ponder a franchise that is assisted and supported with the administrative, technological, and commercial side of the business.

 A Solution to Bureaucracy

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