4 Tips For Increasing Your Patient Retention Rate


One of the most important aspects of running a successful private medical practice is patient retention. Some practices focus on generating new patient leads and don’t put enough effort into maintaining their current patients. While gaining new patients is a wonderful thing, you should never forget the power of having loyal patients. Some patient loss is unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to improve your patient retention rate.

Identify Patient Expectations

Every encounter with your patients is important, but their first impression of you is probably the most important. Set the tone by taking the time to understand your patients on a deeper level and get a better picture of what they are expecting for you as a physician. Clearly identifying your patient’s expectations will allow you to provide honest feedback on what medical outcomes are realistically attainable.

Never make a promise to your patients that you can’t keep. Your patient will appreciate and trust you more if you are straightforward and honest about their health issues.

Improve Communication

Show your patients that you care about them even after they leave your office by building a rapport with them through active communication. Take some time to develop a communication calendar so that you can make sure you are touching base with your patients on a regular basis. Whether want you to inform patients about an event, special offer or you just want to say “Hey, how are you doing?” maintaining frequent communication with your patients will make them feel valued and informed.

Patients who feel like they are valued and can trust their physician are more likely to stay with your practice if they do choose to leave it won’t be because of a lack of satisfaction.  

Ask For Feedback

While maintaining regular communication with your patients is important, so is collecting patient feedback. You can learn a lot from your patients, especially from their complaints. You may think of handling patient complaints as scary and overwhelming, but it can be very rewarding for your business.

When you receive negative feedback from a patient, you should let them know that you acknowledge their concerns and reassure them that the issue will be corrected. Use their concerns to identify defects in your services and develop a plan for improvement.

Make sure you don’t forget to thank patients who provide you with a positive review!

Implement A Practice Management System

Managing a private medical practice can be overwhelming. Instead of spreading yourself thin, try to balance maintaining your patient retention rate and providing quality patient care. Consider hiring a practice management service. KASPAR Practice Management specializes in streamlining, simplifying and systematizing clinic operations. Our system has been proven to not only increase customer retention rates but also maximize clinic business growth and drastically improve overall operations.

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