KASPAR Practice Management was created as an answer to the increasing challenges of managing a private medical practice.

Dr. Samer Kassar, a board-certified neurologist, and David Pareja, a skilled Medical Operations Professional, experienced at implementing daily practice management operations and improvements across many types of medical facilities, saw a need to help doctors stay in control daily operations, without diverting attention away from quality patient care.

In an increasingly complex industry we believe in utilizing the latest technologies, business practices, and retail opportunities to help make private medical practice operations easier to run, more professional, more cost-effective, and uniquely focused on business growth.

The KASPAR Practice Management model is an integrated system designed to help streamline, simplify, and systematize clinic operations. It has proven to help maximize clinic business growth, increase patient retention rates, and dramatically improve overall operations.

Now, through our medical practice franchise program, we are interviewing qualified physicians to join us, to help make a positive impact on their practices, on their patients, and in their personal and professionals lives.

Interested in finding out more about the KASPAR Practice Management medical practice franchise and our qualification requirements? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at 219-200-2888 or info@kasparfranchise.com.