Why Entrepreneurs are Starting Private Practices

If you’re a doctor or entrepreneur, chances are you’ve pondered the possibility of owning your own medical practice. You could be frustrated with the bureaucracy of your hospital; or more practically speaking, you may see the enormous potential for revenue. As the U.S. goes without major healthcare reforms, medical costs are skyrocketing—so much so that they could encompass 20% of U.S GDP by 2020. The decline of the Affordable Care Act has only exacerbated the situation; leaving millions of people still seeking treatment, wherever they can afford it.

If there was ever a call for a more efficient system, led by cooler, sharper minds, it is now in 2017—and entrepreneurs are answering it.

The Demand

Between dentistry, neurology, massage, urgent-care, senior care, and chiropractors, there’s no shortage of specialized clinics that are in demand. Patients are searching for high quality medical services, conveniently organized, at any affordable price. Among those who are searching for services today, the Baby Boomers are perhaps the most demanding of them all. As they age, they’re relying on medicine more than any other portion of the population. Glancing at the numbers, you realize that there simply aren’t enough physicians to treat all of our patients. Moreover, the financial motivation for working longer hours, understaffed, in hospitals isn’t there.

The Franchising Solution

With doctors looking elsewhere for the money, and the work that they want, it makes sense to think about franchising or starting your own practice. Under the guidance of our KASPAR Practice Management system, all of the feuding with insurance companies, billing, staffing, and marketing is no longer the concern of physicians. Medical clinics are able to utilize the best technologies, skills, and practices in their industry, while giving patients the individual care that they require.

By moving away from the constraints of more traditional medical practices, a modernized and independent franchise can a be leaders in its speciality. By leveraging unique payment plans, clinics can encourage their patients to visit them more regularly—reducing the costs of overhead and the unpredictability of revenue. As the advantages of franchising dawn on doctors and their patients, the stigmas are dissolving, and business owners are celebrating.

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