With our exclusive private practice franchise model, you will have access to a unique suite of support services and functions, specifically designed to optimize private medical practice operations:

  • Start-up Assistance: Guidance on the set-up and layout of your practice location, and review of potential lease agreements, where applicable, to help maximize every square foot of space in your facility.
  • Pre-opening Training: Thorough orientation on operating procedures for your practice, plus on-site training to ensure you can implement highly effective clinic management practices and can communicate them to your team.
  • Our Confidential Operations Manual: A detailed manual containing practice management procedures related to appointments, scheduling, billing, coding, general operations, and more.
  • Equipment & Technology Assistance: Access to approved vendors for ordering your practice’s equipment and supplies, plus access to approved accounting and medical records software programs, to help simplify operations and streamline collections.
  • Ongoing Support: Periodic on-site support visits and ongoing remote support and refresher training programs to help keep your practice operating in top form.
  • Marketing Assistance: Assistance with the development of initial and ongoing patient marketing campaigns and other sales tools, to help continually promote your private medical practice in your community.

To learn more about how we support you through our medical clinic franchise program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us 219-200-2888 or info@kasparfranchise.com.