KASPAR Practice Management: An Origin Story

Several years ago, our founders, Dr. Samer Kassar, a board-certified neurologist, and David Pareja, an experienced and expert medical operations professional, realized there was a dire need for the responsible, efficient, and effective management of private medical practices in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

With this discovery, they implemented the mission of KASPAR Practice Management, which is to empower physicians in these states and areas to have autonomy when it comes to case management, billing, insurance claims, coding, outsourcing, and the myriad other issues and complications that can sidetrack a private medical practice.

When considering the aggressiveness of local hospitals to buy and overtake physician’s practices, KASPAR Practice Management can create enhanced solutions and outcomes regarding the responsible and efficient management of their businesses.

An Elegant Solution to Private Medical Practice Management

At KASPAR Practice Management, we provide physician franchises with an integrated, streamlined business model that effectively addresses the adverse challenges facing physicians in our industry.

We understand the need for private practices to retain their independence, and our integrated solutions can provide your practice with the guidance and increased information regarding the latest technologies, medical business practices, and efficient scheduling.

Our founders have been dedicated to providing cost-effective, standardized, and professional structure to private practices in our areas of service in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

We offer:

  • Start-up assistance
  • Operational manuals and guidelines
  • Hiring assistance
  • Scheduling support
  • Aid for purchasing and implementing new equipment and technology
  • Well-managed cycle processes
  • Branding and marketing strategies

Comprehensive Support

At KASPAR Practice Management, we follow in the tradition of our founders Dr. Samer Kasser and David Pareja by creating simplified solutions for increased efficiency and synchronicity with the private practices we manage and maintain. Our services provide the comprehensive support and guidance to effectively streamline your private practice and allow you to focus on your passion —  the complete and all-encompassing care of your patients.

With our medical clinic practice program, we are currently seeking qualified physicians to join our organization and increase business growth, increase patient retention rates, and improve their administrative abilities.

If you’d like to make a positive impact on your practice, patients, and personal life, or for private practice management opportunities, call us at 219-200-2888 or visit us at http://www.kasparfranchise.com/.


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