Staffing, outsourcing, coding, patient case management, billing, insurance, and many other aspects of medical practice management are becoming more and more difficult to handle. Because of this, hospitals are aiming to come in and buy private medical practices to relieve you of these difficulties. Work with us at KASPAR Practice Management, and we’ll help you take control of your company and your practice, whether individually or family-owned.

With private practice management opportunities available, our program will aid you in managing your personal or family-owned franchise when it comes to clinic operations, granting you the ability to improve your medical clinic franchise without having to sell it off.

At KASPAR Practice Management, our mission is to motivate physicians in the Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas to maintain their private medical practices by taking advantage of our private practice management opportunities. Our fully-integrated, point-of-service-care medical business franchise model exemplifies a mission that eagerly focuses on industry challenges, by offering doctors useful direction in order to remain independent and succeed with a private practice clinic franchise.

KASPAR Practice Management employs a strict, tightly managed revenue cycle, which involves billing, coding, and collections. While utilizing the latest technology, medical business franchise management strategies and retail opportunities, operating a private medical practice becomes easier. It will be more cost-effective, as well as more professional while concentrating on business growth. We give you all the support and necessary tools you’ll need to manage your medical clinic franchise successfully.

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We can assist with teaching extensive operations manuals, preemptive training, purchasing and implementing tools and technology, scheduling prompt appointments, employing efficient front- and back-end office procedures, strategizing branding and marketing, and so much more. We work with you every step of the way to accomplish absolute excellence when it comes to private practice management.

KASPAR Practice Management was conceived because of the increasing challenges arising when trying to manage a private medical practice. Board-certified neurologist Dr. Samer Kassar, as well as David Pareja, a knowledgeable professional with experience administering operational enhancements across many kinds of medical facilities, found the need to assist physicians to remain in control of their daily operations, without taking away from high-quality patient care. As the industry continues to become more complex, we believe that applying the latest technologies, business practices, and retail opportunities will benefit private medical practice operations significantly.

The KASPAR Practice Management model is built to simplify and streamline all processes when it comes to medical practice management. It is proven to increase clinic business growth, raise patient retention rates, and significantly benefit overall operations.

We are looking for qualified physicians in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas to align with us in making a positive impact on their practices, along with their patients, and their families, as well as both their professional and personal lives, with our medical clinic franchise program.

If you are interested in learning more about a KASPAR Practice Management medical practice franchise, such as a neurology franchise, and our qualification requirements, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us by calling 219-200-2888 or sending an e-mail to to find out how you can start a medical clinic franchise of your own.