Since the early 2000’s, a growing number of entrepreneurs and savvy physicians in Indianapolis and in Chicago, Illinois have seen the potential of purchasing their own private medical practices. With so many neurology franchises up for sale, there’s never been more of an opportunity to make an impact in the private practice of neurology.

As health care costs continue to rise, the market is yearning for innovators and upstarts who will streamline the process and reduce costs for patients. While hospitals have seen major declines in reimbursements for doctors, neurology franchises have been able to fix a broken system and keep their specialists compensated. The challenge, however, is always balancing independence vs. overhead.

With a private practice, your physicians can dictate when they see their patients. Moreover, they are not bound by the arbitrary rules of hospitals–continuously straining the relationship between patients and their doctors. In order to maintain your autonomy as a private practice, you’ll need a means of overseeing the administrative side of the profession. Administrative duties can be as crucial as hiring and training employees, billing your patients after treatments and consultations, and purchasing competitive medical equipment.

neurology franchises for sale in indianapolis

While some practices will opt to form professional partnerships rather than put themselves up for sale, dividing up the responsibilities of dealing with insurance companies, they still have to contend with the perennial problems of office management. Ask any neurologist why they chose to work within their field – undoubtedly, it won’t be because of their love of spreadsheets, finances, technology sales, or managing the efficiency of their operation.

At KASPAR Practice Management, we’ve perfected a system that encompasses everything from the sale of neurology franchises; the training of doctors; and the daily operations that often deter physicians and entrepreneurs from ever entering the business themselves. We want to motivate physicians who are seeking to bring a competitive edge to their field, as they treat disorders like seizures, strokes, or dementia. Once we’ve finished conducting the sale of your franchise, we’ll work closely with you as we train your franchise owner, and/or leading physicians. During those first 30 days of operation, we’ll also direct one of our franchisor representatives to assist you on location, be it in Indianapolis, IN, or Chicago, Illinois.

If you elect to purchase your own neurology start-up, we will assist you with choosing a location for your clinic that appeals most to your desired demographic. Once we’ve selected where your clinic will be based, we go so far as to design the layout of said clinic. Consulting with you, we’ll focus on the most vital aspects of your business, like atmosphere, spatial efficiency, and patient comfort. As we’ve done for pain management franchises in Indiana, we’ll devise a method of advertising your clinic as effectively as possible—whether it be the technology or the techniques you utilize, or the qualifications of your neurologists and office staff.

As a franchise of KASPAR Practice Management, you’ll only be asked to pay a royalty fee of 7% of your clinic’s net revenue. By your small contribution, you’ll directly fund on-going support for your neurology clinic and other medical clinics within our network.