We’re Refining Our Focus at KASPAR Practice Management

Technological advances in the last decade have allowed medical practices to operate more efficiently, professionally, and profitably than ever before. Over the years, KASPAR Practice Management has utilized this technology to help private health facilities streamline, simplify, and improve their overall operations. We remain committed to this mission of helping independent practices grow, and it’s why we’re refining our focus to better serve our franchisees, their practices, and their patients.

Moving forward, our services will be focusing on revenue cycle management, billing, coding, denials management, EHR utilization, and help you expand your practice.

Let’s take a look at our new direction and what it means for you, your facility, and your patients:

Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle includes the entire life of a patient’s account, from creation to payment. As long as its processes are executed correctly, the revenue cycle performs predictably. However, errors in the system can have substantial ripple effects, making them more costly as they travel through the cycle.

By thoroughly tracking each step of this process, our revenue cycle management services can not only streamline this process, making it quicker and easier, but we can also reduce the number of errors through greater accuracy.

Billing, Coding, and Denials

Medical billing and coding processes can be quite complex and can differ depending on the patient, procedure, and insurer. Mistakes, such as unspecified coding, missing information, duplicate billing, and more can lead to denials. Many times, this is due to a human error.

With our management services, we can help your practice avoid mistakes that can slow down the claims process, and ensure that your patients are getting the healthcare they need.

EHR Utilization

By taking advantage of the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs), KASPAR Practice Management can help your practice operate more efficiently. These records offer quick access to patient information from anywhere, and can even aid in seamlessly integrating scheduling systems.

Let KASPAR Practice Management enhance your practice, improve your operations, and increase your bottom line through our practice management services.

For more information on our services, like our neurology practice management in Chicago, call us at 219-200-2888 today!

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